• Venice Duplex

  • Triplex

  • 45-Plex

  • Steel Competition (ACSA 2010 Steel Competition)

  • Jackknife Creek Ranch, Wyoming

  • suckerPUNCH_LIC Cinema Competition (placed top 23 short-list against registered architects internationally.)

  • Cooking School & Learning Garden

  • Red Carpet Florist
    Design: Artak Atanian

  • Toxic Island
    Thesis Proposal

  • Corner Pizzeria
    Corner Pizzeria is a family owned restaurant located in the heart of Eagle Rock. Visit Website»

  • Davi Hair Salon
    Davi Hair Salon is located in Glendale, CA. Provides services that include haircuts, nails services, waxing, manicures and pedicures. Visit Website»

  • American Radiator
    American Radiator is an online store that stocks a variety of new radiators at wholesale prices. Visit Website»

  • Plaza Home Care Pharmacy
    Plaza Home Care Pharmacy provides pharmaeutical care in the community. Visit Website»

  • Fastlane Wheels
    Fastlane Wheels, your one stop source for all your automotive needs. Offline

  • WristWatcher
    Online store stocking watches and watch bands. Offline

  • AMCO Fire & Plumbing Co.
    Logo featured on company cars and t-shirts

  • Paintball Mountain
    Logo and Business card design 2nd place in online competition.

  • Violet Olga Beauty Salon
    Bilingual Flyer design & Business card

  • Solar Optimum
    Postcard design

  • Kingdom Come
    Logo Competition

  • Prosopo
    Logo Competition

  • The Keeper
    Oil on Canvas 11x14

  • Apollo, Venus, & Beethoven
    Drawing on Paper 18x24

  • Atlantis
    Oil on Canvas 36x24

  • Wheat Still Life
    Oil on Canvas 18x24

  • Garni Temple, Armenia
    Watercolor on Paper 24x18

  • Still Life
    Oil on Canvas 18x24

  • Hayk
    Drawing on Paper 11x14

  • Portrait of Man
    Drawing on Paper 11x14

  • David
    Drawing on Paper 11x14

  • 300
    Drawing on Paper 18x24